In June 2016, we presented a conversation with Elizabeth Thompson to help us look at public policy and climate change.  Specifically we wanted to examine what is driving current political positioning on climate change? What are the possible ramifications of the November elections for action on climate issues? And, most importantly, what are the public policy implications of seismic shifts in US demographics and energy production and distribution?

Elizabeth Thompson was an ideal speaker for this topic.  She is Vice President of Political Affairs at Environmental Defense Fund.  She is responsible for EDF’s engagement in the political system, which includes elections and lobbying, and leads advocacy campaigns on high profile legislative and regulatory efforts across EDF program areas. At the federal level, Elizabeth and her team are pushing forward on climate policy outcomes as well as spearheading efforts to mobilize key constituencies such as millennials and conservatives using state of the art data collection and analytics.

Without being political Ms Thompson talked to us about politics, and walked us through the many changing factors affecting the future of climate change and public policy in America.